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Joe works with all levels of golfers, from beginners to professionals.

His coaching philosophy is each golfer has different resources; time, talent, physical attributes, and very different gaols. He does NOT “breakdown” the students swing and start them from scratch, but rather works with the students resources to help them reach their goals. He also believes that, other than the laws of physics, the golf swing and its elements (grip, stance, backswing) are negotiable and each person needs to find their own way to effectively swing the club.  

Joe is using the latest FlightScope X2 launch monitor in his lessons. This unit uses doppler radar to track the flight of the golf ball (like you see on TV PGA Tour Events). He also uses the unit for state-of-the art club fitting.

Joe also uses JC Video equipment with all of his lessons, and each student receves an email which is a video summary of their lesson. All lessons are stored in the student’s own private library, which can be accessed online at anytime of Joe’s website.

Currently Joe has some limited space for new students. If you think he can help you with your game, and you are interested in taking a lesson with him, please email him at info@joelaurentino.com.